Times are tough all around. We want very much to continue putting print copies into the hands of the global pagan community. Unfortunately, that is not going to be possible at this time. Midsummer has come and gone and Lammas is nearly upon us, and costs to produce a print version are not affordable at this time. We are also postponing print issues of the Full Moon Magazine until further notice.

It is our sincere hope that with a short pause of print issues, Metaphysical Times can regroup, regain some traction, and begin printing and sending copies again in the near future. We are aiming for January 2023 at this time. Updates and announcements will be posted here on the site as they happen.

We have added a few new features for previously paid subscribers that are online only and will continue to produce downloadable PDFs for Lammas, Mabon, Samhain, and Yule. Paid subscribers will be able to access the PDF Issues and all online content through the end of their subscription period so they don’t miss any issues. We just won’t be sending print copies for the time being.

This leads us to the price increase. Beginning with Midsummer 2022, Metaphysical Times Newspaper will no longer be free to pick up locally and articles are no longer free to read on the website unless you are a paid subscriber. Paid subscribers get both downloadable PDFs and access to the individual articles for commenting.

The new price of a single copy of Metaphysical Times newspaper is $3.50 for a digital version. These are full versions of the 16 page paper in a digital format that is downloadable immediately upon purchase. You must have a PDF Viewer installed on your device to open and read the downloaded content.

By Christy

A published author of dark fiction, owner/founder of Twisted Souls Press, and owner/publisher of Metaphysical Times newspaper. It was her lifelong dream to write, publish, and sell a book on Barnes and Noble since she was a teenager. She realized that dream in 2019 and has shifted her focus to doing what she can, when she can to help others achieve their lifelong dreams, while still writing and publishing more of her own books.

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