We are so excited we are dancing around and it’s not even a full moon! The print hiatus has ended! We have to send a huge shout of thanks out to Debbie Broderick of Utah Pagan Markets for helping us get back to printing sooner rather than later!

The option to buy single print copies directly from us is now an option in the newsstand. So is distribution with up to a 50% wholesale discount for 30 or more copies per issue. Supply is limited, so grab a copy while you can or you will have to wait until Mabon!

By Christy

A published author of dark fiction, owner/founder of Twisted Souls Press, and owner/publisher of Metaphysical Times newspaper. It was her lifelong dream to write, publish, and sell a book on Barnes and Noble since she was a teenager. She realized that dream in 2019 and has shifted her focus to doing what she can, when she can to help others achieve their lifelong dreams, while still writing and publishing more of her own books.

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