Pagan People Helping People through Political Tough Times

As a newspaper, we have a responsibility to report on topics that are relevant and important to our readers. Sometimes topics are tough. As a metaphysical/pagan newspaper with a focus on honoring the beliefs of all, when something happens that affects our entire readership, we have to talk about and cover things that we wouldn’t ordinarily. Like politics.

With yesterday’s court ruling, we are all working to wrap our heads around what happened, what it means exactly, and what can be done about it now.

We all have daughters, granddaughters, and nieces that will be directly affected by this. However, we also have husbands, sons, grandsons, and nephews that support the women in their lives that will also feel the pain of this situation and may feel powerless to do anything about it.

A customary “Our hearts go out to the women and their families that are directly affected by this news” is appropriate and we say it with our whole hearts, but it isn’t enough. We know it isn’t enough. People need to know what to do now. They need to know who they can turn to. They need to know who is there to help them do what is best for them. That is what we are here to cover and provide.

Our whole modern day pagan belief system (regardless of the paths we as individuals walk) is built around people being able to decide what they believe and don’t believe and how they live their lives. The rest of us honor and respect their right to make choices that work for them.

That has not changed. The respect we have for the right for each of us to make our own choices as individuals, despite us being a collective of people with similar beliefs has not changed. It never will.

We have chosen to focus on the people and places who are actively working to keep an individual’s right to make choices for themselves. Despite the legal changes that have arisen, instead of the political mess that caused a need for it.

We are actively looking for resources, businesses, and individuals all around the country and world helping people get what they need to live the best life for them as individuals. If this is you or someone you know, please reach out to us. We would gladly share the information with the people that need it.

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