The Color of Money Magick

The Color of Money Magick

Most of us reading probably think of two things when money magic is brought up: basil and the color green. Even people outside of the New Age and Spiritual communities often associate these items with money, fortune, and wealth.

Basil is a Greek word (from basilikos) which means royal or fit for a king, giving it place in money magic. Similarly, the phrase ‘green-eyed monster’ is originally from Shakespeare’s Othello when Iago warns of the dangers of jealousy. The association with green and jealousy also occurred in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, when Portia warns her father against his greed. Whether good or bad, money and wealth can conjure such interesting reactions in people. It’s no wonder witches and other neo-pagans have used these symbolic objects and colors in spells.

While the shade of US currency is green, it’s a potent color with a large symbolic history and meaning behind it. When each denomination is a similar shade means that a witch could easily conjure a one dollar boon rather than that $10,000 one wants and needs. Having everything be the same can flatten overall desire–which does not go well for any kind of manifesting at all! There are alternatives to using green colors in money magic.

Gold as well as silver, and other precious metals are a great choice. Looking at the currency colors for other nations can help revive different colors for money magic. Some options are red or brown (Canadian higher denominations) or even pink (2000 Indian rupee) and orange (Venezuela’s higher currency). These vibrant colors may embody the type of wealth you want to accrue since many people do not want to be a Scrooge figure but someone with a keen eye to the future.

One doesn’t have to stop at bill colors either. The bills and coins we use every day are yet another type of talisman while our bank statements are a kind of charm or spell we believe in. Whenever we spend those bills or ones and zeros through a computer screen, we exchange it to manifest something else. So instead of using the color of money in your rituals, cut out the middle step. Consider the exact color of the car you want (Cherry Red, anyone?) or even use a paint color card from the local hardware store as a way to conjure your dream house and/or car. Not only is it far more fun gathering these items, the spell you write will be a lot more creative, and potentially more powerful too.

Money magic isn’t just green. It’s every color of the rainbow, if you want it to be. Even if you still stick with good old green and basil leaves, knowing how they work, their history, and what else is out there will broaden your practice and give you more wealth in the form of knowledge.

Just remember to ward off that green-eyed monster while you’re at it.

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