Came across this meme, shared it, and had a comment on it that struck a cord with me, and it pressed on my spirit to write about the topic of Faith, because it is the common denominator between the two. It is always my goal to write on topics in a way unifies people, but sometimes that is easier said than done. Still, I try, because I believe that it is the intent of our creator, who or whatever that may be to you, to tie us all (people) together, so we will help, support, and take care of each other.

One of the biggest common denominators among people, from my perspective and experience, is Faith. We all believe in things. Some of those things are from a place of personal experience, and other things we believe in because someone else told us about their beliefs, they align with ours, so we begin to believe it also.

Faith is the base belief that something is out there somewhere. It is divine because it is larger, more powerful, and more in control of life than we humans are. We can turn to it/them in our deepest times of need, it/they hears our pleas for change, relief, peace, or some other thing we feel we have no control over as humans, and it/they intervenes on our behalf on a level we cannot see and make sense of.

When we see and feel the results of divine intervention on our behalf, we tell the whole world about it. It is miraculous, maybe even magical, because it is so life changing for us as individuals. We celebrate. We have gratitude. We experience peace and joy. We hold honor and reverence to the divine for the gift, but also give offerings, gifts of appreciation, and respect so we can call on them to intervene on our behalf should we need it again in the future.

We have believed this is how things work so we have practiced it since the dawn of time. Regardless of what spiritual practices or religion we individually keep, it all goes back to this, faith, so when someone gives us a ride to the store when we need it, we don’t go egg their house, and expect them to give us a ride again when we need it later. We know they won’t give us the ride after that. If we bring them cookies, as a gift of respect, appreciation, and gratitude, though, they certainly might.

What has changed is the ways, the means, and the freedoms or lack of them that we have to express our pleas, gratitude and honor to the divine, out in the open. We overlook the common denominator of faith because it doesn’t look like the way we do it, and decide individually, that it must not be right.

We have to stop that. We cannot move forward as a connected society of individuals, who help, heal, and nurture each other, as was intended at our creation, by separating people from us, just because they do things differently.

It is our faith, literally present in every religion, spiritual walk, practice, ritual, spell, prayer, and gathering, that gives each it’s power. We believe it, have faith, therefore it must be.

You can’t hex someone that doesn’t believe hexes have power over them. You can’t heal someone who doesn’t believe they can be healed. You can heal someone who believes they can be healed, with a rock and a stick, herbs and synthetic concoctions, or with your bare hands and speaking a few words. Either way is possible and it is literally just a matter of what you, and the person(s) you are working with, believe is possible.

Let’s regain sight of that and stop pushing people away from us just because they do things differently. There has never been, and never should be, a right and a wrong way to have faith in something larger, more in control, and willing to take care of us the way the divine does.

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