From the Publisher

From the Publisher

Holy wow where has this year gone!?! It’s the Mabon Issue already and so much has and hasn’t happened. We are still kicking. It’s been tough and has taken a lot of fights no one has seen, but we are here and still going. We owe that to our subscribers and supporters 100%. We’ve had to do a lot of pivoting with the economic roller coaster and make changes that not even we were 100% in favor of to keep things going but keep it going we have another issue. We are extremely proud of that.

The divine purpose we serve through producing the paper is bigger, more beautiful, and longer lived than we as people will be, and it is challenging at every turn, so it’s a struggle, but not impossible.

We’ve come to accept that struggling means pushing through hard times and not giving up no matter how hard the challenges are. Nothing great is ever easy and the Pagan Community is amazing! There are times when things will be difficult, not work out, and not go according to plan, and not look like anything we wanted it to look like. That must be ok. The challenges have to come, because overcoming them is how we grow and get stronger.

Still, no one has to go it alone. We certainly haven’t. Our thanks go out to all of you. We wish you more challenges to overcome, and blessings with all you need to overcome them as we inch closer to everyone’s favorite season.

Happy Mabon!

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