This time I have chosen a deck with a unique energy, the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid. I love this deck because it has a sensitive wisdom as the messages come as an ally or challengers to help you overcome whatever is in your way.

Aries – The Eyes of Beauty comes to you as an ally and asks you to look at the way you perceive things, after all a glass that is half full, is the same as it being half empty; the difference is how you are perceiving the glass. It’s time to remove the rose-coloured glasses and look at the world around you with clarity.

Taurus – The Word Lord comes to you as an ally and asks you to be careful with your words, and choose to communicate with others clearly, but more importantly communicate kindly and with praise. This goes for when you are communicating with yourself, be kind with your words because they too can cut deep.

Gemini – Gaia’s Garden comes to you as an ally and is asking you to remember that Gaia is an infinite spirit of manifestation and can be the source of prosperity and abundance. You have been working so hard, now is the time to partake in the rewards of the effort you have put in though the previous months.

Cancer – The Cosmos comes to you as an ally and is asking you to turn your mind to the vast stores of creativity that are welled within you, and this creativity can be used for good or for ill, and all this is up to you. How will you influence your creative well to create your inner and outer world?

Leo – Sisters of the Seasons are coming to you as an ally, and they are asking you to remember that everything has its own natural rhythm and is part of a greater symphony. The cycle of birth, growth, harvest, and decay are unchanging and when you allow the natural order to flow and unfold, success can be yours.

Virgo – The Lady of the Gift has come to you as an ally and is asking you to look at how you give to others and how you can be more generous, but not monetarily. She is asking you to look at how you see others and how you treat them; often the greatest act of generosity is that of the spirit, and your belief in others is of the highest value.

Libra – The Ice Queen has come to you as an ally and is asking you to pause for a moment so you can connect with your guides and assess how far you have come, how far you still must go and where your path is taking you. Her greatest wisdom is that at times you must stop in order for everything to grow as it should. Less haste and all that

Scorpio – The Arrow Master has come to you as an ally and is going to teach you how to shoot for the stars and keep your target and intentions clear in your mind. The greatest message for you is to get your intentions in alignment with that of your spirit and guides and then trust they will hit their mark.

Sagittarius – The Phoenix has come to you as an ally and is wanting to remind you that everything has its own cycle and while you may feel like something isn’t working or is in a state of decay this is part of the cycle too, and after decay comes new growth and the Phoenix is a perfect representation of this.

Capricorn – The Shadow Queen has come to you as an ally, and she is asking you to look at your current situation and see what is hiding in the shadows and preventing you from moving forwards, take a moment to breathe, and for light to reveal the path you need to take, or for me to be revealed.

Aquarius – The Lady of the Mirror has come to you as an ally and challenger and is asking you to look in the mirror at the self that has been created by the events of your life. It is important to look at oneself with kindness and without blame, but with an understanding of how your actions led you to this particular place.

Pisces – The Winged Wise Ones come to you as an ally and is here to represent the help of Spirit and when you enter the realm of Spirit and offer up your prayers with an open and sincere heart will be answered by the Divine Spirit in line with your highest good; be prepared for transformation and healing to come your way.

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By Nixie Vale

My name is Nixie Vale, and I have been on my spiritual journey since I was 11 years old - a whopping 24 years now. I am known as The Rainbow Witch, and have a passion for Colour and Crystals - I am a qualified Crystal Healer. I've been studying Colour Magic, Psychology, amd Healing.

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