Protection from Predatory Gatekeeping and other Harmful Practices Spell

The most beautiful thing I have found with Paganism is the fact that in its purest form it is open to everyone. The essential belief is that we are all energy and we all come from, belong to, and go to the same place eventually. We are one, regardless of anything else at all. Always have been, always will be, and no matter what we say, do, think, or believe about anything else, that does not change.

At Metaphysical Times LLC, we feel it’s part of our job, as a part of the Pagan Community with a voice that can be heard around the world, to protect our friends, family, readers, and followers from those who would do them harm. Within the community and outside of it. We take that responsibility very seriously.

However, it must be done in a way that doesn’t do harm to anyone, not even the ones causing the harm. It is not our job to judge or condemn. We know that in our business we have the ability to do a lot of damage with a single article.Calling out any business or any individual for wrongdoing, can cause a major loss of their livelihoods and even worse. That is never what we want, and it is not our intent.

Harm is subjective. What may seem harmful to one can be exactly what someone else needs. We understand and respect that. We believe that everyone should also follow this but believing (what we believe) is not a requirement of anyone else. We also believe that applying protections around ourselves and those we care about serves the best purpose the best way without harming others.

We strive to provide education, safety, and empowerment for those just getting started on their spiritual journey, as well as those who have been at it for a long time. Regardless of the path that they follow, we will educate. There are those inside the community and outside of it who would harm others to get where they want to be. We cannot pretend that there aren’t. We can only guard ourselves and teach others to guard against them.

New or “baby” witches have a general excitement and urgency to learn as much of the “fun stuff” in magic, it tends to overshadow the important need to learn the more basic but necessary practices of protection. The internet makes it possible to get to the fun stuff right away and despite warnings being clearly displayed that something can be dangerous and urges them to take safety precautions; many times it is overlooked or brushed aside.

This way of learning can quickly lead to an un-intentioned joining with entities or people, getting into things that don’t suit their personalities after a short period of time or even later on. The power it takes to undo real damage, get out of, or even step away from some of these lessons, are not as easy as getting into them in the first place.

There are numerous dangers everywhere. We do not suggest everyone lives in fear, but without protection in the powerful equation, many worse things can be brought into the world. There are practitioners that are doing so at this time, and we do not want to see it happen any more than it already is.

There is a general lack of understanding and when applying protections, there is an attitude of, “This person (place or thing) has harmed me. I am upset and feel powerless. I need some help to strike back against it.” Many times this was done without protections and the consequences of a lack of protections has put them into the situation. The consequences could have been lessened, or even nil, if protections were applied in the beginning. 

The following incantation can be combined with any ritual, divinity, or symbolic totem of your choosing. It can even be done without anything at all. The incantation can be used to protect ourselves from predatory gatekeeping and harmful practices. The power is in the reminder that we must be our own guard for predatory practices and gatekeeping. If we avoid what our instincts and intuitions tell us, it generally will not be good for us. Repeat daily for best results.

I am my protector and I trust me

My instincts and intuitions tell me

What is good and not good

For me and those I love

I hear and listen but sometimes things get by me

This spell serves to act as protection in those times

From any things that would do me harm

So Mote It Be

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