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Crystal Gridding is a large aspect of my personal practice, and I have found they work well with my energy and intention. Recently I have been working with a few different grids, and I am going to share some of this work with you.

One grid was to help a friend find a job in his favored field.

One was for success and abundance on a business venture.

One was to cut any negative cords that may be holding someone back.

Each of these grids required their own intention, and I made sure that my energy was in a neutral state from which I begin. I write my intention on a piece of paper, as this helps me to stay focused on what I am creating the grid for. I am lucky to have a wide range of crystals, which can mean I get overwhelmed by what I have.

Normally I start with a focal point, which on the job grid is a golden calcite sphere. The grid for success, I knew immediately that I needed a Citrine point – the only problem was finding one in my point collection. The third grid didn’t have a central crystal, rather I used one of my athames as it is for cutting cords and carving negativity. You can do this, you don’t need to use a crystal as the focal point, you can use an object

Grid One

On the first grid, I used the Calcite sphere to disperse the energy of the grid in all directions, around that I made a circle of ruby pieces which give everything around it some oomph. I used Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Green Aventurine, and Pyrite as all of these attract things to you, and I needed to balance this energy as well, and knowing that he suffered anxiety around interviews and job hunting I used Crazy Lace Agate and Terahertz to release this anxiety and remove fear from the situation.

Grid Two

On the second grid I added something a little different, as under the grid board I placed a £5 note and added two 50p coins. This helps to attract abundance and acts much like an offering. I placed the coins at the center of the grid and on top of those I added a natural Citrine point. This will draw the energy up. Surrounding the point, I placed a ring of copper pieces as they attract luck, success, and abundance. I also used Singing Quartz, Gobi Desert Agate nodules, Ruby, Spessartine Garnet with high vibrational Herkimer Diamonds to really lift the energy and lastly a ring of Citrine surrounding the grid with candles.

Grid Three

Grid three was focusing on cord cutting and I decided that I needed to use something to represent the cutting of these attachments. I could have used scissors (but I couldn’t find any), but in the end I chose to use one of my “letter opener” athames. On the very outside of the grid board I have placed Phosphosiderite which acts as a purging of these cut threads. I used Black and Pink Tourmaline to protect from the chords reforming. I also used Garnet and Terahertz which helps with anxiety that can happen when cords are cut and helps alleviate that.

Crystal Gridding is awesome, why not give it a try…

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