What is Biolocation?

What is Biolocation?

Bilocation in the classical sense is described as your body being seen in two places at once. Both bodies operate fully and are seen by others. The recorded cases of this are often described as coincidence or mistaken identity. Yet the phrase bilocation has been around since early Greek times.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley authored an article on bilocation in her book Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience. In which she documents many such occurrences among Christian saints, and many others. While bilocation is uncommon it is an ancient practice. Today most know it by another name OBE, which means Out of Body Experience.

The term OBE was not used until 1943 by Robert Monroe. He wrote  the book, Journeys Out of The Body. His research is why I believe that a bilocation/ OBE event is very different from an astral travel event or remote viewing. Remote viewing is traveling clairvoyantly to a location and being able to describe exactly what you see. The person doing the viewing is not seen by others while viewing as they are in bilocation.

The bilocation I experience is technically Clairvoyance in time in space. This type of bilocation looks and feels different than those described above.

When I have an event of bilocation/ clairvoyance in time and space, it usually comes as I am speaking to someone. In that moment, my clairvoyance will travel through time and space and reveal to me the long-range outcome of what is being discussed. It shows me the outcome of a person’s actions and how others will respond to them. The term bilocation applies because I have been “seen” by others while engaged in this kind of “travel”.

During such an event my other skills apply themselves to what I am seeing. My Claircognizance will provide knowledge like it is fact. My empathy tells me how people will feel and why the events occur, similar to precognition. However, in precognition usually, only one main event will be revealed. In psychic bilocation, I get to see the ripples of people’s actions, how others will respond, and how they play out in much more detail.

While in a conversation my brain begins to process what I am clairvoyantly seeing, I will typically look upwards for a second. When I do that, I am seeing the events play out. That vision can span days, weeks, months, and sometimes years into the future, I receive the whole big picture of what is to come.

I class Clairvoyance in time and space as bilocation because my body is still there engaged in conversation as my mind/ consciousness travels I often use the term bilocation because it is an easier term for people to comprehend than Clairvoyance through time and space or telling people I am viewing the future. Which usually freaks people out a bit, even those fairly comfortable with psychism. Possessing Clairvoyance of this magnitude is why I often tell people I walk in many worlds.

If you have similar experiences, it is not your imagination or mere coincidence, it is your psychic skills, so embrace them and enjoy the journey! Many Blessings to All!

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