Happy Holidays from Our Families to Yours

Happy Holidays from Our Families to Yours

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, we hope that your time is spent in whatever way makes you feel joy, love, and peace in your heart, if not in reality, as we close out the 2022 year.

It’s been chaotic for sure. With claims that the pandemic has ended but hundreds of thousands of people still dying every day, the war in Russia/Ukraine still going on, and the financial economy literally conflicting itself, not to mention the negativity and darkness of people across social media platforms, the want for everything to just settle down and be still for a while is high on everyone’s list.

While we would all love for 2023 to be a much smoother ride, we want to send out a gentle note of reminder that life is chaos. Living is and always has been a struggle to survive in harsh conditions. Deciding that it is not what we want, because it is messy, dirty, up and down, ugly and hard is to not want to live. None of us want to die, but we set expectations against life, and then wonder why we are physically ill, exhausted, and hate everything. It’s overwhelming disappointment because life isn’t what we expect it to be and instead of adjusting our expectations, we demand it meet our expectations instead.

Reality not matching expectations equates to stress, and we all know where stress gets us. While there are a lot of things we cannot control in our lives, our expectations are something we can control and change.

By exploring and resetting our expectations, we can set ourselves up to experience less disappointment. The byproduct, or side effect if you prefer, of less disappointment is more joy and happiness with life. Take the time to explore your expectations, and modify them if need be, in the quiet and reflective moments you’ll cherish this busy month.

We wish more joy and happiness for all of you in 2023.

From all of our Metaphysical Times Staff and Contributors and their families to yours.

Happy Holidays!!!

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