No More New Year, New You

No More New Year, New You

The whole “New Year, New You” thing is… Well; it’s never really made sense to me. I understand that people want to make themselves better, but I look at the new year as not a chance to make myself over or change who I am through social pressures to ‘better’. There is one thing my illnesses have taught me is that; I don’t need to force myself to “be a better person” because that is counterproductive – the more pressure I feel the more I dig my heels in. Change isn’t a bad thing, nor is improving yourself… what is bad, is feeling that you must be more… do more…. see more.

In 2022 I said, “forget the notion of ‘new you’ and just be yourself”. Throughout the year there will be opportunities for growth, introspection, and change, you don’t need to fight to find them, you don’t need to force yourself into a socially acceptable box. So, as we are entering 2023; don’t be too hard on yourselves and most importantly… give yourself a break. In October I had a bit of a breakdown, and made some difficult decisions and I must admit that I feel much better for the regular breaks I have had over the last few months, and this is something I am going to take forward to 2023, because self-care is a kind of magic in its own right.

Be Sad

Be Scrappy

Be Mad

Be Free

Be Outrageous

Be Funny

Be Comfortable

Be Flashy

I think I am going to be… Me!

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