Imbolc Reading 2023

Imbolc Reading 2023

For Yule I was given three amazing new tarot and oracle decks, and I have decided to use one of these new decks for the first of my Sabbat readings. I am using the Spellcasting Oracle Cards by Flavia Kate Peters and Barbara Meiklejon-Free. These cards are absolutely beautiful and I am so glad to have them.

Aries – Closure – You are coming to a cross roads, and it is time to choose whether to stay as you are and hope things get better if you give them enough time, OR you can take a different route, and finally leave the shadows and forge your own way. It can be extremely difficult to find closure, but bigger, better and brighter things are on the horizon.

Taurus – Answers – You have many questions buzzing in your mind, you already know the answers to most of them, but you rely on the opinions of others to find them. Take some times to reconnect to yourself, and the wisdom, experience and knowledge you have in the memories and within yourself. You have no need to look for the approval of others, you have the answers.

Gemini – Reconciliation – Something is feeling familiar right now, and it is evoking memories of times long past. It is time to take a walk down memory lane because there is knowledge and wisdom there which will help you with the current situations. Be careful not to get lost within the past.

Cancer – Manifestation – You are a magical being with the power, will and determination to bring what you wish for through manifestation. Showing Spirit that you are willing to do the work needed to bring forth what you desire, and Spirit will match the efforts that you put in. Acknowledging both the light and shadow self will bring alignment within, and bring you into alignment with Spirit.

Leo – Happiness – There is a part of yourself that is on a quest to find your own version of “true happiness” but the first thing you need to do in your quest is to decipher what gives you that buzzy feeling. You are searching for happiness, but not stopped to really look at yourself and what makes you happy from the inside.

Virgo – Grieving – You are experiencing feelings of great loss right now, and it is important that you acknowledge these feelings, and let them flow freely. Each tear is a sign of the love you had. The pain in your heart will pass, and the days will not always be so dark. You will feel whole again, but you need to give yourself the time to grieve what you have lost.

Libra – Good Luck – You have been experiencing hardships, setbacks and obstacles whoever you turned has left you leaving very negative, and it is these negative thoughts and feeling which prevent you from moving forward. Now is the time to grab the opportunities that present themselves allowing a more positive outlook to come forth. You have the power to change your own luck.

Scorpio – Passion – The love and passion you once had for live has been dimmed by circumstances, but it is time to cast this melancholy aside and letting all the fears you have held on to. Your sparkle, your inner fire needs a little TLC right now, so allow yourself to remember the times where you shone brighter than the Sun, and let this passion and enthusiasm fill you from core to skin. You haven’t forgotten, you have simply been distracted.

Sagittarius Forgiveness – You have been hurt so much in the past, and now is the time to let that go, and move forward into a better, happier space. You need to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made, forgive yourself for making decisions which were made in the moment. The best thing you can do is to leave the resentment and hurt behind you, and start making new bonds and experiences without the heaviness of sorrow and hurt.

Capricorn – Love – The love that you have been craving and searching for is nigh, all you need to do is manifest it into reality. You will know when you have found it, because you will start noticing signs and synchronicities that normally you would have missed. Ou have a very loving nature which has been seeking nourishment and celebration lately, the time to have a little faith and trust your inner self will recognise the love that’s meant for you.

Aquarius – Lighten Your Load – You’re feeling like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you have the power and choice to stay under the weight, take it in your stride, or remove yourself from it. It is time to breathe, take stock and only take what you need as you move forward. If it’s not your burden to carry, leave it alone. Allow joy and laughter to fill the space where the weight used to be.

Pisces – Life Purpose – You have been playing it safe for too long, and now is the time to get your butt moving. You have always felt this fluttering call for so long, and you’ve never done anything about it, but now you are starting to see signed that you can’t ignore. Your guides have tried to show you the way, now they will tell you the way with signs you cannot hide from.

)O( Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings )O(

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