Big Announcement!!! We are bringing the print paper back!

Big Announcement!!! We are bringing the print paper back!

It’s official. The account is set up, the template is downloaded and being used to layout the Ostara 2023 issue of Metaphysical Times Newspaper in print!

Single copy and subscription orders are able to be placed right now! Publication day is February 26th, and your print copy could be delivered to your mailbox a few days later (up to 15 days depending on your location)! If you want early access, you can get a digital copy or subscription on publication day, or bundle up and get the Meta-Moon Full Subscription and get digital copies on publication day, print copies a few days later of both the Metaphysical Times Newspaper (8 times a year) and the Full Moon Magazine (12 times a year), plus all access to our exclusive bonus content for 12 months!

We have to give a huge shout out to our new printer, Not only did they meet our price, printing, and shipping needs, they patiently answered all of our questions, sent multiple quotes, and printed samples without making us feel forced to make a decision “right now”. That’s a really big deal with our paper having a unique publication schedule, potentially rapid growth, and our customers being spread out all around the world. We had to make sure they could handle our unique situation.

The quality of the paper is amazing. Our full color graphics are going to look amazing against the white, solvent free, and sustainably produced paper. Being eco-friendly was a major selling point for us. As naturalists and honoring nature in our practices as we do, making the decision to return to print was extremely difficult. When we saw their information and certifications that make the paper eco-friendly, the decision got much easier.

It will still be 16 pages, but the dimensions of the pages are a bit larger so there is more room. You’ll see more ads than in previous issues, but the extra space will keep it from feeling ad heavy. We want you to hear about and see products and services that are available to you that are spiritual/pagan friendly, as always, but we don’t want the ads to overrun or outshine the space for the articles and content you signed up for.

It is a bit costlier per copy, but it includes shipping around the world, so whether you are in the US or anywhere else in the world, the price is the same. No surprise shipping costs added at check out! We save money not having to pay double shipping, postage, and man hours, so that money can go toward setting up scholarship funds, supporting events with sponsorships, and donating to causes that serve the pagan community on a global scale. Plus, we can spend more time focused on gathering and producing more of the quality content that matters to you!

We do need to mention that we send an updated mailing list of paid subscribers, single copy buyers, and distributors to the printer with each issue so they can ship copies directly from the press to you without delay. The front page provides a space for shipping information, so no envelopes to stuff and open! We have set up the sales pages now to ensure you have plenty of time to be added to the list for Ostara and ensure you get your copy(ies) hot off the press!

Happy Day!!!

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