Our take on AI written content

Our take on AI written content

Metaphysical Times being a publisher of written content, AI written content is a concept that concerns us and we have had to take some time to consider our business stance on it and make decisions about whether or not we will accept and publish content written using AI. We certainly will.

We had a lot to consider and then felt kind of silly even having to consider it. AI is a tool. AI is not writing and submitting articles to us for publication. Authors are, and we don’t ask questions like was this article written using a ghostwriter, writing application, or other tool when they come in to us. Why would we ask if it was written using a tool like AI and publish that information?

We don’t announce that we use any of the tools we use to check submissions for plagiarism, edit, design, email, or host of other services that allow us to run our business more quickly and efficiently.

We will not create an issue where there isn’t one. If at any point, Amazon’s Alexa submits an article as Amazon’s Alexa, we might reconsider our stance, but until that happens, we trust our authors to create content that comes from their heart and have a desire to share it with someone who needs to hear it. The tools they use to create it is none of our business.

We wish everyone the most successful life possible. Whatever it takes to make that possible for you, do it!

<3 Metaphysical Times Team

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