Ancestral Pattern Breaker

Ancestral Pattern Breaker

As a parent with foresight on the ability to be an ancestral pattern breaker you really learn to examine every aspect of raising your littles.

Generational patterns are often repeated unconsciously because we tend to parent similar to how we were parented. Being the ‘chain breaker’ of these cycles that don’t align with our belief systems that we have formed ourselves later in adult-hood isn’t an easy task. But it’s well worth taking the journey on looking within to see what habitual patterns we are following, and the effects they have on children.

Recently the phrase, “Don’t cry”, struck me as one of many condescending and thoughtless phrases we say to our kids.

Why is this such a universally accepted expression?

If we take a deep look at potentially what can be perceived in their minds when we say things like, “Don’t cry,” a different picture arises from those two words, and honestly, it’s heartbreaking.

To them, though unintentionally derived, they can be hearing; your feelings aren’t valid or showing emotion is weakness.

And these thoughtlessly expressed words overtime can and will absolutely create a block within our young one’s energy body from feeling they need to store these emotions within. A lot of us have these exact blocks within our own chakra system from absorbing and distorting phrases similar to the one we are discussing. Emotions are meant to be felt in the moment, not repressed.

It’s a burden to carry these pent-up emotions, especially on their little souls that are still learning what these feelings mean and how to properly express them. Over time these reserved emotions will begin to weigh you down energetically, often without even realizing when and where the initial hurt began.

These wounds can follow you through an entire lifetime, possibly even multiple lifetimes if it’s deep seated enough and never addressed. Like Winston Churchill said, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” and this is very true within many facets of our being. Not only within our own lifetime but the cycle repeats like a broken record from generation to generation until someone bold enough and brave enough decides ‘enough is enough’ and puts in the work to heal themselves and present their healed version to their children while utilizing their newly obtained growth to address their parenting tactics.

If any of this has resonance then answer the call to be the one within your family line to take a deep look within every aspect of how you were raised and how you are in return raising your own littles. Be courageous, do the shadow work and make any needed changes that arise.

After all, a lot of being a parent is guiding our children through life and teaching them from the most mundane of things to the most profound life lessons. We are responsible for their wellbeing which extends much further than what can be seen on the external, we are the one’s their soul chose to learn from in this lifetime. And this is the most humbling honor anyone can ever be granted when looking at it from this view.

Begin with setting an intention to raise your children through the lens of soul lessons you’ve already learned. Set them up to enter the world well prepared and well rounded. There is absolutely no need for our babies to be wandering through life lost.

Set a secondary intention to be conscious of the words and phrases we use, not only with your kids but with each other. Words have power and we never want our littles feeling unable to share their heartbreaks with a parental figure because of these little but BIG unconsciously spoken but nonetheless detrimental “mantras”.

But by rising up to the challenge and breaking these conditioned false narratives within ourselves and our families we are intentionally choosing an enlightened course of action that will have a profound ripple effect across waves of generations.

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