Imbolc Activities

Imbolc Activities

Imbolc is only a few weeks away now, and I know some of you are still in a tizzy about what to do to celebrate this sabbat. Here are some activities YOU can do – in groups, as a family or alone. Some of these activities you can do if you are “in the broom closet”.

Place a candle in each window – on the night before, and allow them to burn until morning – please keep candle/fire safety in mind here.

Take a walk and look for signs of Spring – this is great for the family and yourself. Walking is proven to improve health, and connect you to nature and your surroundings.

Make your own candles -as one of the greater Sabbats, it is known as a “fire” festival.

Research deities – that are related to Imbolc and Fire.

Decorate a plough and display it on your front doorstep.

Dedicate or Rededicate Yourself – Imbolc is a time known for initiation/dedication for newbies and for rededicating oneself.

Make Brighid Crosses – Make the cross out of straw/wheat and display them around your house, but I do like to add some color so I use pipe cleaners

Bake Imbolc themed treats – Oat Cakes, bread, Winter Vegetables and soups.

Perform spells or Rituals – for spiritual cleansing, focusing, new beginnings and growth.

Prepare Seeds – Prepare the seeds and plants that you are wanting to put in your garden in the Spring.

Garden Planning – Do you have something that you want to try growing this year? Plan out what kind of soil it needs to grow and thrive

Spring Clean and Cleanse – This is the perfect time of year to start cleaning and cleansing your home and sacred spaces.

Set up an Imbolc Altar – Setting up your altar should never be a chore and should bring you joy.

Imbolc Bath – Have a milk bath to help cleanse and recharge before the spring.

Bride’s Bed – Make a Brides Bed for the corn dolly you may at Lughnasadh, or make a bed for a doll – my “dolly” is a doll I made by hand 10 years ago.

Meditate – Meditate on the things you are wanting to manifest and grow in the coming year.

Crystal Gridding – Create a crystal grid with crystals and stones associated with Imbolc, such as: Amethyst, Calcite, Carnelian, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Moonstone, Turquoise, Garnet, Bloodstone, Onyx, Clear Quartz.

Intentions – Review and evaluate where you wish to go this year, and what your intentions are for the coming Spring.

Journaling – Creating a journal of the growth you wish to make, work on your Book of Shadows, or write down anything important that you researched.

Divination – Have you ever wanted to try a new form of divination, this is the perfect time to start that journey.

Spring’s Return – This is something that you can do if you need to hide the craft, note down (or post on social media) about the signs of spring that you are seeing around you.

Fire – Imbolc is a fire festival and Brighid is the guardian of the sacred fire, so if it is possible have a small fire or light candles to honour the Sacred Fire.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon has strong associations with Fire so cooking or baking with Cinnamon is a great activity and something else you can do if you are in the Broom Closet

These are just a few different kinds of activities you can do during Imbolc. Have fun with it, the craft is never meant to be work.

*)0(* Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings *)0(*

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