Featured Artist Lori Beth Keilwitz

Featured Artist Lori Beth Keilwitz

My name is Lori Beth Keilwitz and I was raised here in Washington State. After High School I was married and lived in Germany for 3 yrs as he was in the military. We had 3 children together. The marriage ended after about 8 yrs and once the kids were grown I went to mortuary college to become a Funeral director/Embalmer. I worked in funeral homes for about 10 yrs and decided that it was time that I went after my real passion. I have been sketching since before elementary school. My dad used to draw little robin hood looking bears and the shading made them look so real that I became obsessed with trying to do them too. So here I am in the pursuit of following my dream to create and share my passion for art.

My online art store is at lori-vashler.pixels.com and I do have originals hanging at Strangelands in Centralia Washington. You can find me on Facebook under the name Lori Beth Keilwitz

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