April Reading

With the arrival of Spring, I thought I would use one of my favorite Oracle decks, the Earth Magic by Steven D. Farmer. This deck is designed to help you become a better listener to Nature, but also reveal the interconnectedness of all life. As with all of my readings I will pull one card per star sign and pass on the message of that card.

Aries – Spring Equinox REBIRTHYou have been experiencing transitions hard and fast in the last few weeks, and this card is coming to tell you that these energies are going to calm and you’ll be moving into a time of rebirth and renewal. The Spring Equinox is a time of emergence, and it is this energy you will begin feeling, so take the time to experience these energies.

Taurus – Ocean – EBB & FLOW – The Ocean has ebbed and flowed for decades beyond count, and the waves will ebb and flow for millions more. There are times when we need to be as fluid and flexible as the waves because there are times when we experience unforeseen events, this is the energy I feel you need to focus on in the next few weeks, do not hold on to outdated feelings, it’s time to let it go, and let it flow.

Gemini – New Moon – PROMISE – The energy of the New Moon brings an energy full of potential and promise, and is a fantastic time to start new projects. If there is a project that you want to get off the ground, now is the time to get the foundations prepared. You have the energy of manifestation around you but it is up to you to utilize this energy, it won’t make your project work by itself.

Cancer – Volcano – VOLATILITY – This is going to be a volatile few weeks for you, and like the unpredictability and veracity of a volcanic eruption, you may find yourself having unexpected thoughts and feelings, or unpredictable changes or events which you have no control over. You need to acknowledge these but don’t dwell on them for too long as they will do more damage than the initial event.

Leo – River – MOVEMENT – The river is ever flowing, moving effortlessly around the obstacles in her path be it rocks, curves or falls until she is forced to stop. When we try to block our own energy flow, we can cause disconnection from the Source (or Spirit, the Divine). Right now you need to pay attention to how your energy flow is being blocked and how we can free yourself from that blockage, even if it means letting something go.

Virgo – Lotus Flower – UNFOLDMENT – The lotus flower is an incredible plant, and like the lotus, your spirituality may blossom though the light, and close during times of needing rest, relaxation and self-care. The Lotus is a reminder that your spirituality is always unfolding and growing whether we notice this or not. I am getting a strong feeling that you need to take care of yourself right now, so you can bloom and blossom like the lotus meeting the light.

Libra – Dance – CELEBRATION – Over the many centuries of the past our ancestors have used dance for different expressions of celebration, and many used dance as part of their spirituality. You have always held your spirituality in a strict box, not allowing yourself to let go of fear, anxiety and worry and let your body move. It doesn’t matter if you can’t dance, just put some music on and let yourself get lost in the nuance of movement. Celebrate your spirit.

Scorpio – Crystals – FOCUS – You have been trying to spread your time too thin, and right now you need to reduce what you have on your plate so you can focus on what is most important, and this undivided attention will bring you so much more joy, happiness and time because you are taking on too much. You only have so much time and energy, be wise how you use yours in the next few weeks.

Sagittarius – Clouds – SHAPESHIFTING – Like the clouds we are able to shapeshift. The clothes you wear, how you wear your hair, the colors you wear, gestures, expressions and other mannerisms can change how we see ourselves, and how others see us. We can use this as a way to express our own style, but it can also be used as a form of protection. Take the time to look at what impressions you show people, and how you shapeshift around people.

Capricorn – Childhood – INNOCENCE – Innocence is something we attribute to the very young, and as we grow the challenges we face through life shape who we become as adults. You may never be able to return to that wholly innocent time, but you can reconnect with that sense within you. You need to find the way that is best for you, is it letting go of the shame you have accrued, or is it about letting yourself play and have fun.

Aquarius – Green Man – SYNERGY – Things are falling into place around you right now, and they have been effortless, this is synergy at its best. You are in alignment and cooperation with Spirit/the Divine and the energy you have around you over the next few weeks can be utilized for projects, but will also be a reminder that you need to have balance, like the Green Man and Gaia, they work together effortlessly. If you work hard, remember to take the time to rest and have fun. 
Pisces – Gaia – NURTURING – Gaia is the great mother that nurtures all life, and can help us understand what true nurturing is, and it is not just about our physical bodies. You have been going through a phase where you want to share your own nurturing with others, and right now this act of giving intangible things is an act of sacred expression for you, but there are times when you need to let others do the same for you.

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