Merry Meet Catt Foy

Merry Meet Catt Foy

Catt Foy is an author, artist, psychic medium, astrologer, certified hypnotherapist and ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.  She also holds two master’s degrees—an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing. Catt has studied the metaphysical and the paranormal for over a half century and is currently the Queen of the Psycards—co-owner (with artist Maggie Kneen of the UK) of Psycards International and the owner of Spirit Garden Publishing.

MT: Hi Catt. Thanks so much for doing this chat with us. Can you tell us a little about you and how you relate to the Pagan Community?  

CF: I’m not sure how to answer that because I don’t have any one label for my paganism.  I don’t consider myself Wiccan or Druid or a shaman.  Maybe I’m more of an Atlantean priestess! 

I’m a sort of neo-shamanic, eclectic, believer in the sacredness of all things, the unity of all things, and the divine unique expression of individual beings. I believe everything has a spirit but that all spirits are just snowflakes in the mind of God, if you will.  Collectively the Universe is a sacred expression of the Divine Creative Mind—which is actually beyond our ability to truly grasp while incarnate.

MT: Great answer.  What do you know and love most about Paganism? 

That Paganism embraces a wild diversity of beliefs but shares a sense of the sacred and personal empowerment. Generally, we care about people, and we care about the planet. 

I love being able to help people create a better relationship with themselves and their lives through spiritual guidance.  I’m not a fortune-teller, I tell my clients, I’m here to help you better understand your own lives. 

MT: Right!  What do you dislike most about it?

CF: Couple of things:  I don’t like that some neophytes think it is just a way to obtain power over others and over circumstances.  Yes, it does provide a certain amount of that, but too many younger Pagans use it as a kind of ego expression.  Being truly Pagan, I believe, requires a certain amount of humility and of trusting that the Universe, in its Divine Wisdom, knows better than we do.  I also don’t like the idea that some Pagans extract revenge via magical practices—I’m a big believer in Karma and that the Universe requires us to sometimes be terribly patient to see things balance out.  I don’t think we should use our power to bend others to our will.  I see that as a personal violation of freedom. 

Another thing is that many beginning Pagans don’t read enough about all religious practices.  They narrow into one small practice, allowing that practice to become dogmatic or legalistic.  I suggest all Pagans read Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein and become more like Michael Valentine Smith—“Thou art God.” And read all sorts of metaphysical literature with an open mind and a grain of salt.  We need to employ both sides of our brains—the logical side and the intuitive side.  Otherwise, it’s like working one-handed. Open-mindedness and healthy skepticism in balance.

MT: If you could do anything to fix the world’s problems, what would it be? 

CF: Teach multiple philosophies and religions and spiritual practices from childhood.  Teach compassion and humility.  Teach self-love, but not self-aggrandizement.  Teach children to avoid greed, which I believe is the root cause of most evil in the world. 

On a more individual level, I like to help people gain a greater understanding of the spiritual world.  Spirits are all around us, and we can learn a lot about them.  I was involved for a while with a psychic investigation team and really love to read homes and properties.  I like being able to help people with phenomena in their homes—most of the time, it is just a residual memory, or someone who is actually clairvoyant and doesn’t know it.  I’ve helped spirits move on—some only need to have their stories told.  I love walking a house or a piece of land and letting it tell me its history. 

MT: We hear you are participating in or hosting events. Can you tell us a little about them?
Are there any events coming up that you will be involved in and want to tell us about? 

CF: I appear at spirit fairs near my home in Eugene, OR.  Fairs in Albany, Eugene, and Yachats. I also love to do bookstore appearances where I teach a class one day, do readings the next, followed by a book-signing. Those are fun and everyone benefits—me, the store and the wider community. Two of the best fairs are the Pathways to Transformation in Yachats in August, and the Rasani Fair in Albany in April and October.  I also host my own fair, the Meraki! Spirit & Arts Fair, or I did, until COVID.  This has been put on hiatus for now.  My husband died of cancer in 2021 and now my adult daughter is also fighting cancer.  She and my grandson live with me, so I’m just too busy to organize a large event at this time.  Maybe in 2024.

I’m also available for individual readings, property readings, and past life regression sessions by appointment.  I don’t do phone readings or video, but I can do readings remotely and I write them up and send them as a document.  This way, the client can refer back to the reading easily. If I read a property, of course, the client is free to video the experience.

MT:  How do we find out more about it? 

CF: You can visit my websites:,, and  Or you can write to me via email:

MT: You’ve got a book/business/platform. Want to tell us about it?  What’s it called and is there a story behind the name? What is it? 

CF: I had always wanted to do two things—publish books and own a bookstore.  These days, I can do both.  I self-publish my books via Amazon, sell them at fairs and via the websites, and I buy and sell books via the Meraki bookstore on Biblio.  I only sell books I endorse.  My publishing company is Spirit Garden Publishing.  I think of Spirit Garden as a place to grow—if I had a brick-and-mortar store, that would include plants, herbs, gifts, and books. 

I am also one of the current owners of Psycards International.  Psycards are a 40-card oracle deck based on Jungian archetypes.  My partner is the artist who designed the cards, Maggie Kneen, a brilliant artist from the UK.  Together, we have been involved with Psycards since their inception in the 1980s.  Maggie is the Mother of Psycards and I am self-designated as the Queen of the Psycards. Together, we will be coming out with a second deck in the future—a second set of archetype cards that can be used separately, or integrated with the first deck for  deeper, more complex readings.

I am the author of Psycards—An Oracle of Archetypes, two Psycards coloring books, Rune Stones and Their Interpretations, and an historical novel, Bartleby:  A Scrivener’s Tale. I’m also in the process of finishing up my newest book, Fire, Stone, Bone & Stick: The Origins of Oracles.  I’m hoping to do a presentation on it at the Yachats fair in August. Future projects include an astrology book on Lilith, a book on discovering your past lives (Rememberings), and my second novel which is about Kokopelli, the southwest’s iconic symbol of fertility, trade and music. A sort of biography of who he might have actually been.

I’m also an artist.  I make jewelry, upcycle jewelry, do 3-D collages, dried flower collages, acrylic paintings, wearable fiber art, and other things. Many of my things are made from recycled or upcycled materials. Those can be found on my Etsy page, along with custom woodworking by my partner, Tree Talker Sean. He makes jewelry boxes, walking sticks, incense burners, piggy banks, and other custom wood gifts. We can also design custom scrying and “witchy” cabinets. 

MT: Can people shop/visit online and/or in person?

CF: Online at:

MT: What can people expect when they visit online and/or in person? 

CF: Swift delivery and a variety of goods and services.

MT: Where can people find you online?


Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to speak with us Catt. It is much appreciated.  We wish you all the best. Have a great day! 

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