Metaphysical Times LLC expands its services to better serve the Metaphysical Community

We are excited to announce that the owners of Metaphysical Times have become ordained ministers through the American Marriage Ministries Church. Our purpose is to assist members of our community in achieving their spiritual and physical goals and living healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives. For us, that means doing more than just publishing information; it means performing ceremonies that others may not and serving individuals who may be misunderstood and turned away beause they want something that is unique to them. Becoming ordained ministers is just one more way for us to serve this purpose better.

At Metaphysical Times LLC, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of support and opportunities for our community to make informed decisions about their individual journeys without judgement, ridicule, and mistreatment. Unfortunately, members of our spiritual community are often misrepresented, misunderstood, and treated unfairly, by society as a whole because of it. We feel a responsibility to advocate for and make real efforts to change this. By offering inclusive and personalized ceremonies that are legally recognized in all 50 states, we hope to promote these values and, in doing so, expand the possibilities of what is recognized and protected legally, and create a more connected, and socially just society as a whole.

Through our business, we try very hard to advocate for and promote social justice and actively work towards creating a more accepting and equitable society. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated fairly, with respect and dignity regardless of their beliefs, gender, race, sexual orientation, or financial status. They are all people, and if we see all people as people, we have compassion for them and their situations, will help them, and everyone will have the things they need.

Becoming ordained ministers ourselves allows us to perform ceremonies that are legally recognized and pertinent to all members of society and advocates for expansion of what is acceptable, with an open respect for and honor of who people are and what the ceremony means for them. We do not base our ceremonies on pre-conceived notions of what a wedding or other ceremony should look like. Instead, we provide personalized and inclusive ceremonies that honor the unique qualities and beliefs of the people requesting the ceremony and handle the legalities and administrative work so they can just enjoy the ceremony.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand our services and to continue to support our community in new and innovative ways. Whether you are seeking spiritual guidance or assistance with a legally recognized ceremony, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you on your spiritual journey.

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