Three Principles for Abundant Wealth: A Metaphysical Approach to Money

Money affects us deeply, and our relationship with it can be complex. Our view of the metaphysics of money offers 3 principles that help us cultivate a positive and healthy relationship with wealth, bring our awareness to opportunities, and move us to take action on those opportunities so we achieve the results we want in our lives.

Without all 3 principles, we can find ourselves struggling and having difficulty staying the course. Things get tough, revert back to old ways of thinking, and set ourselves back. When we find ourselves in situations that we don’t see a way out of, combining all 3 principles can be our guide.

The first principle is the law of attraction, which says that our thoughts and emotions influence our experiences. By identifying and replacing negative beliefs about money with positive, or even more neutral ones, we can attract more positive financial experiences than we have experienced previously.

The second principle is energetic exchange. Recognizing that money is more than a transaction. It is an exchange of energy and intention. By respecting and valuing our time and intuition as well as the time and intuition of others, we gain a respect for money and apply it toward things more selectively. We create exchanges that are truly valuable.

The third principle is the necessity of action. While mindset and intention are important, action is necessary to achieve financial abundance. We must take deliberate and strategic steps towards our financial goals, such as saving, investing, and creating multiple streams of income that can sustain us long term.

The metaphysics of money offers a spiritual and practical approach to cultivating a positive relationship with wealth. By aligning our mindset, intentions, and actions, we can attract and create financial abundance that benefits ourselves and others for the rest of our lives.

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