Full Moon Featured Artist- Nixie Vale

Full Moon Featured Artist- Nixie Vale


When I was in high school, my art teacher told me I had a very creative mind, but my artistic ability was lacking, meaning I had bigger ideas than I could bring to life. This is something I have carried with me since, that while I have amazing ideas, I can’t draw, meaning I couldn’t bring anything artistic to life. I’d always say “I can’t draw to save my life” and deep down I truly believed that, I also believed that you have to be naturally gifted as an artist, but since I have learned that is not true.

Is Art Subjective or Objective?

Until this moment I didn’t realize these were a thing, I always believed the beauty of art comes from the person looking at it, and because I couldn’t draw that means no one would ever consider my art beautiful.

Subjective Art – This is a type of art that is created by the artist from their thoughts, feelings or personal experiences. A Subjective artist would express themselves through their art and not be too concerned about what others see or feel from the piece.

Objective Art – This is a type of art that is created to be seen, touched and experienced by others and has a clear meaning which the artist wished to convey. An Objective artist would create a sculpture or painting with which they are trying to convey which can be experienced by others understanding the meaning.

What does that mean for my art though?

After I met my fiancé (who is a fantastic artist) I learned that some people learn how to draw, and with time, effort and a little patience even I could learn to draw. After trying with a pencil and paper, I moved to a digital format and found this much easier, as I wasn’t afraid to make a mistake because it could be easily removed or changed. I would ask my fiancé for advice about how he would show me how to do something, and then I would have a go. He reminded me that art doesn’t always have to be understood by the wider world, and as long as I like it, it doesn’t matter.

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