[NOTE: read full ritual before doing it, as you might have to research some of the local natural landmarks you have!]

This full moon in Gemini asks you to find joy. The energy between Beltane and Litha is reserved for FUN! Love, laughter, light, new creative pursuits — for the fun of it , not mastery — and more, anything that ignites your inner child. Go on a date, roll down a hill, skip, watch your comfort movies. And connect with the spirit of spring. This is the last moon before the heat of summer creeps in, so enjoy nature while it’s still comfortable!

This moon is traditionally called the Strawberry Moon in North America because of the harvest of these and other berries at this time. For this ritual we will be connecting to the land by using local produce. If where you live it is strawberry season (and of course you’re not allergic to strawberries!) this is a great thematic fruit to use. But any food in season grown locally will do. You’ll be using this as a libation you’ll eat in ritual, and as an offering, so you’ll need enough for you and your deities.

This is also the Honey Moon in some traditions based in Europe! So honey is a wonderful libation to use here. It is also the very essence of the land, made with the pollen of flowers from all over the landscape.

Bring your libation to a place out in nature. No candles or fuss this moon: just connection. Gemini’s energy is one of embracing spontaneity. It’s a time where its safe to be honest, fruitful to connect. Use this energy to give your inner child time to have fun in nature and sit down to a picnic together.

Once you’re out in nature, settle in, lay a blanket, whatever you need to feel comfortable. Lay out your offering for them, and your portion for yourself. Once you feel ready, invite them with the following remarks:

Spirits of the air, [name birds or winged creatures in your neighborhood] I embrace your energies of new beginnings as summer comes on, and bid you welcome to this space.

Spirits of fire, great Sun who watches us all, I invite your warmth and presence here. May you bring me passion and creativity in this liminal time between spring and summer.

Water spirits of [name your nearest body of water], I invite your [gentle/rocky, depending on the water near you] flow to guide me in love and laughter with your tides/onto your banks. Join me here in this space.

Land spirits of [name nearest mountains or national parks], I invite your frolicking nature to join me here. May your lessons of joyfulness teach me in this time of fruitful excitement.

When you feel their presence around you, pick up your libation. How does it smell? How does it look? Give it a taste, chewing slowly. Feel the temperature of it, the textures. It’s almost sensual, to connect with the land through local produce like this. A bonding of our Self with the land’s essence. Take another bite. Focus on the notes of flavor, the way each berry or bite is slightly different. As varying as each of us.

Give gratitude for your land. The water that we too are made of. The sun that gives us warmth and comfort. The earth that gives us shelter and food. The air that gives us life.

There’s no need to dismiss the land spirits when you’re finished: it’s their land! Just enjoy your time in nature. Take a nap or meditate if its safe. Bring a craft to do, or a book to read. Get some fresh air for as long as you can. When you’re ready to leave, give your offering to nature safely.

During your journey on this ritual, look for any gifts nature is giving you in return. If you’re gifted a pinecone, rock, feather, or pressable flower, keep it on your altar at home until at least the next full moon.

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