June Reading

This month I have decided to use a deck I got many years ago. I don’t really gel with them, but they jumped out at me with messages. I am using the Daily Guidance from your Angels deck by Doreen Virtue. I have never really felt drawn to Angels, but it got my attention for a reason.

Aries – Trustworthy Guidance – You have been given the opportunity to do something amazing, but you don’t trust that will be everything it seems to be. You are waiting for the proverbial ‘other shoe’ to drop, and it all goes wrong. Right now, you need to let go of this attitude as you will miss this opportunity. Move forward trusting that your needs are being met.

Taurus – Steady Progress – Over the last few weeks you have made amazing progress in reaching your goals, but you aren‘t quite where you need to be, or thought you would be. You need to keep in mind that not everyone moves at the same pace, and the effort, time and energy are being appreciated, even if you can’t see that step-by-step.

Gemini – Heart Chakra – Your heart is the energy center attuned with love, and right now love is at the heart of everything you do. You try each day to do loving acts for those around you, this is a time when it is safe for you to show and express this love with the world. It is important over the next few weeks that you remember to also protect your heart as well.

Cancer – Giving and Receiving – You have been feeling out of balance over the last few weeks, and this has left you feeling deflated. With each breath we take, we must do the opposing action—when we inhale, we must exhale. If you have given too much of yourself to others you have ‘exhaled’ more energy than you are ‘inhaling’, leading you to imbalance. You need to understand that receiving is just as important as giving; balance will return.

Leo See Only Love – You have become stuck in a pattern of seeing everyone’s faults—especially your own—and this has led to misunderstandings, errors, and mistakes along the way. Over the next few months you are going to need to look past the surface and see what lies beneath the situations you face. When you look at things with love, you can find ways toward healing you never thought possible.

Virgo – Reward Yourself – You have been going above and beyond what’s been asked of you in recent weeks, and right now you are feeling like you have nothing left to give. In the coming weeks you need to do a little self-care and treat yourself, you have earned rewarding yourself with something meaningful. Slowly bring yourself back into balance of work and rest to allow a consistent energy.

Libra – Daydream – Over the last week or so you have felt like your wellspring of creativity has dried up. It hasn’t, but you have become so focused on doing the directing of ideas, you haven’t spent much time on just letting ideas flow and come to you. There are times when the things that come to you while you do nothing are messages and guidance, and this is what you need to do over the next few days and weeks. Let things flow.

Scorpio – Acceptance – In recent months you have found it difficult to see yourself with any degree of love, because situations have made you doubt your worth. Over the next few weeks you take a little time each day to tell yourself you are worthy of love. It may be hard to accept yourself as you are, but this acceptance will lift you mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Sagittarius – Assertiveness – You have been facing some tough situations in the last few weeks, and while you understand that they need to be approached from a place of love, you have been forgetting that there is a level of truthfulness and honesty needed as well. Over the coming weeks and months, speak your truth and this will give you a strength you didn’t think you had in you. There is a strength in gentleness.

Capricorn – Opportunity to Forgive – You have been presented a situation where you have the opportunity to move past negative patterns you have fallen into you. You need to acknowledge mistakes were made and forgive yourself for your part in them, and it is from this point you can move forward. In moving forward when you are presented a situation, ask yourself how you can help to resolve the situation compassionately for everyone involved.

Aquarius – The Ocean – Recently you have been feeling drawn to the ocean. There is a certain vibration that the ocean has which is calling you at the moment, and even if you can’t get to the ocean physically, there are ways to connect to this energy. Over the next few days and weeks, listen to the sounds of the ocean, the waves, and try visualizations and guided meditations to help you wash away the energy that is no longer needed.

Pisces – Listen – Your mind has been so full and busy lately you haven’t had time to disconnect and just listen, to be still and quiet. It is during these times when the Universe speaks and when you let go of the ‘noise’ you will find your way forward. You are going in the right direction, but you have been neglecting rest and quiet times because the quiet scares you.

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