Questions, Always Questions

There’s no good reason to be

in the present.

After all it only lasts a moment.

There must be better places to be.

Mindfulness is so passe’.

If you’re trying so hard to be mindful,

you’re not paying attention.

Don’t cause my brain to laugh. Leave

my anxiety alone.

My grandchildren need it.

It will teach them a lesson.

Why do we do these things?

I wonder what the first generation

to get the flu did.

I think I’ll become a hermit

in a cave in Connecticut.

Probably can’t afford the Taxes

in Connecticut.

The Andes would be cheaper. But

it’s far away and commuting

to my therapist would be expensive.

Outside my window frogs croak.

A shadowy image of Jasmine, fragrant.

I could sit and exist for hours.

~Fred Briggs

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