Learning to MeditateBy: Nixie Vale

When you begin to meditate, there are some key points that you need to learn when it comes to positions, and these are called the seven points of meditation posture. These are important “cues” that help you to be successful at mastering the arts of meditation. If you do not pay attention to them, you will find you are not able to fully attain a meditative state, and you won’t reap any of the health benefits.

1 – The position you are sitting in – It is preferable to use the Lotus position, but if unable to manage this, choose a position that suits your needs best.

2- The position of your spine – It should be straight, but it should not be tense.

3 – The position of your shoulders should be back very slightly – Raise your shoulders up to your ears, and roll your shoulders back, this moves your shoulder blades down, and this helps you to guide and maneuver your upper body into the right position.

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