The Dark Visitor

In the stillness of a night not unlike any other, a realm beyond the veil beckoned me to experience an encounter that defied the limits of my understanding. It was a vision that etched itself into my memory with an otherworldly intensity, leaving me yearning for answers and connection with a place I believe I’m supposed to be but don’t know how to get to or if I’m already there.

I’d done a bedtime meditation that combined a full body tense and release exercise with a talk down story that set me on a cloud, fully relaxed and ready for sleep.  It was a new meditation I hadn’t heard before, so I stayed awake to listen to the whole thing. I knew that physically I was lying down but saw myself in my mind’s eye sitting upright with my legs crossed on the edge of my bed. I could hear the sounds of the tv in the other room and the fan beside my bed running. I could still smell the aroma of the wax melt that was solidifying on my headboard.

It was satisfyingly dark in my room because of the black out curtains and the only source of light was the little red light on my Bluetooth speaker. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness already so I could see everything in the room clearly, though without any color. I saw something move on my right and I turned my head to see what it was.

A human-like shadow the size of a drinking glass, darker than the shadows in the room, with glowing blue eyes was hovering in the air about a foot from my right shoulder. As if it had been waiting for my acknowledgement of its presence before approaching, I watched as it moved slowly and silently through the air until it was right in front of me.  Its wings moved like a dragonfly’s but made no sound. Its limbs were long and slender with bends at the knees and elbows where they should be, but with hands and feet that tapered to sharp points. No fingers, toes, or distinguishable facial features other than their glowing eyes. We stared at each other for a long moment.

It drew closer to me and positioned its pointed hands against my face, holding my gaze upon it. There were no sounds or words exchanged between us and yet I felt what it was saying to me. Like it used my own empathy to communicate with me, and I felt it pleading with me to follow it. There was nothing uncomfortable or off putting about the situation at all.

I nodded silently, my intention to follow clear. But before I could turn my head to follow it, it darted to my left and disappeared. I haven’t seen it since.

For over three years now, I’ve replayed that moment in my mind, contemplating where it was from, how I could find it, and yearning for its return. I’ve scanned the periphery of my senses, hoping to glimpse the faintest trace of that winged enigma again. Its message, though wordless, reverberates within me as a call to a destination unknown.

In the intersection of the mundane and the extraordinary, my encounter with the creature of shadows, wings, and radiant eyes remains an indelible chapter in my personal journey of exploration. Its presence continues to inspire contemplation within me. I haven’t been able to find that meditation again. I haven’t been able to get myself back to that same relaxed state since then either. It feels so almost lost to me now, and yet not lost at all. My mind is open to the possibilities.

As the years pass, I hold onto the hope that one day, our paths will cross once more, allowing me to follow it as I wanted to before or for it to confirm that I already have. Until then, I dwell on the memory, cherishing its significance and embracing the uncertainty that accompanies the connection between our worlds.

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