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Welcome to our “Sharing Personal Experiences” space.

At the intersection of the known and the unknown lies a realm of stories waiting to be unveiled—stories of encounters that defy explanation, experiences that transcend the ordinary, and connections that bridge the physical, energy, and other worlds.

Inviting Your Unique Narratives:

We extend an open invitation to you, our fellow seekers, experiencers, and truth-seekers, to contribute to this ever-growing tapestry of human encounters. Whether you’ve felt the presence of spirits, witnessed apparitions, communed with spirit guides, or experienced phenomena beyond the physical, your story holds the power to inspire, validate, and connect people all around the world.

Submit Your Story:

We invite you to contribute your personal experiences to this repository of wisdom and wonder. Your story is a testament to the vastness of existence and the interconnectedness of all things. By sharing, you provide a gift to those who seek answers, solace, and a community that understands. If you have video or photos, you can upload those too!

We will post them on the page below and on the Seeker’s Forum. We are looking to create and publish a weekly digest for these stories if we accumulate enough of them. We believe that everyone has experienced things they could not explain at least once. Society has taught us how to ignore them and in doing so, has created a world where we don’t rely on our own intuitions and experiences as truth anymore. It’s breaking our ability to live together and we need to start fixing it, yesterday.

Share your stories with us today. Had multiple experiences? Great. Commune with your guides daily? Fantastic! Have theories but no one to share and debate them with? Awesome! Let’s connect and learn and grow through sharing!

Comments are welcome, but should be posted with respect and acceptance that the stories posted are personal experiences and you cannot disagree with someone’s personal experience. Any comments to the contrary will be deleted.

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Shared Personal Experiences

  • From the Publisher
    Christy Mann “aka” The Twisted Witch Greetings, Metaphysical Times Community, Today, I want to share a profound experience I recently had while watching a video that truly resonated with me. The video, which you can watch here, delves into themes of divine intervention, flow, and what I personally refer to as the “big picture gift.”
  • The Mystical World of Druids : Spirit Magic
    The Druids, ancient Celtic priests and scholars, have long captured our imagination with their deep connection to nature and their mystical rituals. Among the many facets of Druidic practice, one of the most intriguing is their ability to call upon spirits for magic. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Druids
  • The Enigmatic Observer: My Encounters with the Shadow Man
    In the realm of the unexplained, there are phenomena that often defy our attempts at rationalization. Such is the case with my recurrent encounters with a mysterious figure I’ve come to call “The Shadow Man.” This enigmatic entity has appeared to me on numerous occasions, always lurking silently in the corner of my room during
  • Theory of a Universal Cauldron
    A Tribute to a Friend By Christy Mann Life often surprises us with moments of profound connection and understanding, moments that transcend the mundane and lead us into the realm of the extraordinary. For me, one such moment occurred during a late-night conversation with a friend, a conversation that would forever alter my perspective on
  • The Dark Visitor
    In the stillness of a night not unlike any other, a realm beyond the veil beckoned me to experience an encounter that defied the limits of my understanding. It was a vision that etched itself into my memory with an otherworldly intensity, leaving me yearning for answers and connection with a place I believe I’m