NOVEMBER Full Moon in Gemini: Liminal Candle Magic for Decision Making

NOVEMBER Full Moon in Gemini: Liminal Candle Magic for Decision Making

This full moon in Gemini peaks in the liminal witching hours (1:16 AM for PST, and 3:16 AM for EST). Gemini is the sign of balance, and therefore exists in the liminality between times, choices, and spaces as well. When two halves come together, they form a new whole. The original halves are never the same again; they are permanently altered. But in the inbetween, in the melding and molding, in the courtship of those two halves before their joining… this is the liminal time where the whole AND the two halves exist as possibilities. Shrodinger’s choice, if you will. All this philosophical pondering to say: we’re going to be inhabiting and utilizing that liminal energy of being between choices tonight to make a big decision. The liminal time between learning of the choices you have before you and actually making the decision? We’re going there, if you’re not already there, to help you look holistically at a new decision you have to make; and you’ll learn what you need to choose tonight, in this ritual.

You will need:

Paper and pen

An even-sized candle of any color or size pertaining to the situation you’re making a decision on, a chime candle is best since it won’t take as long to burn

A pairing knife or small kitchen knife (or if you use one in your practice, a bolin (sacred cutting knife))

A string

A place above your ritual space to hang a candle securely from

A plate or wax-safe mat for beneath your candle (paper towels works fine)

An offering (wine, coffee, tea, a cookie, a fruit, etc.)

Before you begin, ponder what decision you will finally make tonight. If you feel completely at ease and have no decisions you feel you need to make anytime soon, set this aside. This ritual has to have a decision behind it. It doesn’t have to be reserved for the big ones though: a simple “should I clean out my closet?” or “should I paint the kitchen?” will suffice, and you can always repeat this as needed.

Once you know your situation, pick the color with the right correspondence for this decision. If you’re blocking someone or something from your life, quitting a job, moving, etc., a black candle is good. Pink for friendships or pets. Red for love or lust. Yellow for travel, new relationships in business, or new beginnings of other kinds. Purple for psychic and spirit awareness. Blue for calm, mental health, or physical illness. Green for abundance and wealth, stability and grounding. Brown also for grounding and stability. Or any other correspondences you know or use.

Yes, you will be suspending a candle over your ritual space. This is because we will be literally burning the candle at both ends. Use the knife to gently peel away the wax from the end of your candle until your wick is exposed at least a quarter inch. Then, tie a string directly in the middle of the candle, and suspend it over your ritual space CLOSE to the solid ground! Don’t risk it falling down and burning anything, have fire safety at the forefront of this ritual’s preparation. Before you hang your candle, you can anoint it with an oil that fits with your intention, or carve a sigil, but this is optional.

Call the quarters or invoke deities as per your usual practice. If there’s a deity you’ve already begun a relationship with, they’re the one to call on for this decision making process. If you don’t work with deities, you can simply call on the elements or invite Spirit as a whole to help you find clarity.

Once you’ve established sacred space and invited the elements/spirits/deities you’d like to work with, offer the offering, and begin writing a petition to those/that deity(ies), or simply Spirit if there’s no one you invoke (either is fine!) A petition usually invites the deity to help you make a specific decision or carry out a specific ritual or spell, and begins with compliments and flattery to the deity. This can be as short or long as you feel comfortable. For example: “dearest Aphrodite, beautiful goddess, maiden of the sea, daughter of glistening foam, I invite your wisdom on this decision making today. In your infinite wisdom, help to guide my decision making process, as I decide…” and write out what you are choosing between. Also include, verbally or written, “The left side of the candle represents ____ decision, and the right side represents the other choice, _______. Help me to make the right decision, in this time of liminality.” Continue writing your thoughts, feelings, various perspectives, or even a pro-con list. When you’re ready, begin rolling up your petition. Roll towards you to invite action and wisdom towards your issue. Once it’s rolled, as teensy tiny as possible, place it in the knot around the candle. Now, it’s time to light it.

When you light the candle, invite the deity again out loud to help you with your decision. “As this candle burns, Aphrodite, I invite your wisdom to show me the way. Should the left side burn the petition fastest, I’ll know to choose ____. If it be the right, I’ll choose ____. I trust in your guidance.” Watch the flames burn, and monitor for safety. Scry into the flame, all the while thinking about your needs and situation, and the decision before you. Chances are you’ll start to feel the choice being made before you see which side wins the battle of burning up the petition. Write down what happened and how you’ve come to the decision you needed to while its fresh in your mind. When you’re finished, release the deity you invoked, and then the quarters to end the ritual. Dispose of these remnants in any way you usually do, ashes in the wind, or otherwise discarded outdoors is fine.

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