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Food For Thought

Beyond Words: Exploring a World of Silent Expression

Hey there, Metaphysical Times readers! It’s Christy, and I woke up with a thought this morning that I couldn’t shake. What if words disappeared completely? What if our only means of expression were through actions, behaviors, and through the silent language of gestures and energy? Intriguing, right?

I posted this question on Facebook and received some interesting comments, but it seems like a few missed the deeper layers of the concept. So, let’s dive into the metaphysical exploration of a world without words of any kind.

The Wordless Canvas

Imagine a world where spoken words are absent, and we can only communicate through actions and gestures. Give yourself a moment, because at first, the image I saw was a perpetual game of Charades being played by everyone everywhere all the time.

Try to imagine someone at Starbucks trying to get across that they would like a Venti White Chocolate Mocha with a double shot of espresso and steamed milk? Take a moment to feel the humor of this, because it would be pretty funny, but move past it.

This is the degree to which I want you to imagine the disappearance of words to be. Even American Sign Language no longer exists. We can’t spell out words there isn’t a sign for. They are completely gone.

Picture the moment it happens. The chaos of everything as our ability to converse with someone else all around the world is suddenly gone. You might be in the middle of a conversation. You might just wake up and find your ability to make sound through your vocal cords is still there, but when you open your mouth strange sounds come out. You might have been asleep when it happened and when you wake up, you know when you went to bed, you were able to do something, but you can’t do it now. There are literally no words for it. Is your heart racing?

Navigating the Digital Disconnect in a World Dominated by Words Instead of Actions.

Since the advent of the internet and most especially cell phones, in 2023 we’ve essentially lost the ability to see the behaviors and intentions of people. We only have words. Text. Emojis that are supposed to symbolize “feelings” about things we read. Brief quips in video clips. The options are extremely limited (thumbs up, thumbs down, this makes me angry, this makes me sad, I send you a caring hug) and you can’t really “mix them”. You can select the one that applies best, but not show how you really feel about anything.

We’ve lost the ability to see the actions and behaviors of most of the people we know. We’ve lost the ability to truly show our feelings to others and to see theirs. We share our opinions on things with no regard for what anyone else thinks. We read and react to headlines as if we don’t know they are sensationalized to get our attention. We don’t read the article to the end. We don’t have time for that anymore.

We can change it, but it will require each of us as individuals to take the time to look for and observe the actions, behaviors, gestures. The things that will tells us exactly who and how people are. The more we watch, look for, and observe without judgement, we can get back to recognizing the nuances and seeing that more often than not, people are really better than we tend to “believe” they are in 2023.

I’ve created an exercise that I use from time to time, especially when I am feeling that the people around me are uncaring, not helpful, being mean, or I am not loved and cared about. I want to share it with you.

Silent Observation Exercise

Choose a Quiet Setting: You can pick a busy spot where people engage in various activities. It should be a spot where you can see people moving around in the distance, but from a place where you will not be interrupted for a while. You want to not be able to hear what they are saying, but clearly see their movements and facial expressions.

Turn Off the Internal Commentary: Silence the inner dialogue and refrain from attaching words to what you observe. This is an exercise in just observing and getting reacquainted with the multitude of ways that we communicate without words, not judging and classifying them.

Focus on the Actions and Energy: After a time, see if you can sense the various inflections, tones, energies, demeanors, and intentions of each individual you observe. Avoid categorizing and judging based on good/bad, I do this, or I do that. Just see the actions as they are.

Reflect on the Experience: Afterward, take some time to reflect on how this exercise may have shifted your perception of the individuals based on their actions, gestures, and wordless expressions. Can you think of a time when these nuances being absent in interactions with others have led to misconceptions, conflicts, and you formed an opinion that might have been different if you could have seen their actions and expressions.

Feel free to share your insights in the comments below or on The Seeker’s Forum!

I know all too well that sometimes, being able to observe without judgements that classify things is very difficult. Staying there is more difficult. I have a spell that I use to help me stay in that phase that you might find helpful as well. You can modify it however you like so it suits and works best for you.

Spell for Non-Judgmental Observation

To enhance your ability to observe without judgment, try this simple spell:


A small, clear quartz crystal or any preferred grounding stone

A quiet space for meditation

Prepare the Space: Find a quiet and comfortable space.

Visualize the Crystal’s Energy: Hold the crystal and visualize its calming and grounding energy.

Set Your Intention: State your intention for non-judgmental observation.

Meditate on Non-Judgmental Observation: Enter a meditative state and imagine a serene, wordless space.

Program the Crystal: Envision the crystal absorbing this non-judgmental energy.

Carry or Place the Crystal: Use it during observation exercises or carry it as a reminder of your intention.

Remember, the power lies in your intention and commitment to observing without judgment.


So, dear readers, what would our world look like without spoken words? It’s a question that opens the door to a metaphysical exploration of communication beyond the limits of language. Try the exercise, experiment with the spell, and share your journey into the world of silent expression.

Until next time, embrace the magic of the unspoken.

Much love, Christy 🌟✨

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