Navigating the Currents: A Personal Update from Christy

Navigating the Currents: A Personal Update from Christy

Dear Metaphysical Times Community,

I trust this message finds you immersed in the mystical dance of life’s energies with the holidays, as well as end of year wrap ups upon us. Today, I share with you not just updates but a piece of my personal journey—a journey marked by resilience, challenges, and the pursuit of balance.

Its no secret that I suffer from Polycystic Kidney Disease. We support the cause, and others, here at Metaphysical Times LLC because it needs awareness. As the genes that cause it are known, with advances in genetics, there is hope for a cure in the future, but there is also active advocacy needed to change healthcare policies that allow for quality of life, not just quantity. They might not take effect in time for me, but my son who also has PKD might benefit, and his children, should he choose to have them. Right now, he doesn’t want to because the odds they will be born with it are too high.

I manage it pretty well usually, but the past several months have been a bit topsy turvy. My kidneys and liver seem to be in a race to decide which is going to get worse faster. Emergency room visits, electrolyte infusions, follow up appointments, constant pain, infections, bad medication reactions, and electrolyte imbalances are par for the course and I’m not on dialysis yet.

I’m at high risk for dangerous complications from viruses because my body is in constant immune hyperdrive from toxicity build up in my blood stream, so I don’t fight new infections well. Respiratory viruses become bronchitis and then pneumonia very easily.

Metaphysical Times LLC, and other endeavors, have allowed me to work fully from home. Delivery services make getting things I need safer, and I even have a medical doc that does home visits. I’m having to see new specialists now, as things have progressed, and it requires at least 1 visit to the office for tests, scans, and establishing baselines, and I’ve caught the flu.

Embracing transparency, I want to address the delays in our publications. As the publisher, I’m fully responsible for making sure things are done on time and everyone gets what they come to us for. There have been long delays in publication days, and in deliveries of our print products. I’ve implemented a policy for our team that we do what we can with what we have and that has to be enough, but it’s been a struggle to also allow that for myself at times. I have to do it now.

I extend my deepest apologies for any disruption or inconvenience this may have caused you, I promise you I am personally giving every effort that I can to get things back on track, and I thank you for your understanding and ongoing support during this time. Your patience and support mean more to me than words can convey.

Your support goes beyond the metaphysical—it becomes a beacon of hope and healing. Together, we can raise awareness, foster understanding, and contribute to a cause that transcends the boundaries of our individual journeys, and I can keep doing what I can do to bring content and more to you.

Thank you for your understanding, your energy, and your unwavering support. Let us continue to explore the metaphysical realms together, embracing the challenges and triumphs that make our journey uniquely ours.

In gratitude,


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