Exciting Changes: Enhance Your Visibility with Our New Submission System!

Christy Mann


Dear Metaphysical Writer Community,

We hope this message finds you well. We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates regarding our submission system.

As many of you have noticed, HeyPublisher, our previous platform, has been down for several weeks. Despite our efforts to retrieve backup data and seek support, we have unfortunately not received any response. We appreciate your patience during this transition period and are delighted to introduce our brand new submission system on the Share Wisdom Here page.

Unlocking Visibility with Tags and Hashtags
1. Tag List:

Our new Tag List feature makes it easier than ever to categorize your work. When submitting your content, simply choose the tag that best represents your piece. This helps us organize and showcase a diverse range of voices, each contributing their unique wisdom to our platform.
2. Hashtag List:

We’re excited to announce the addition of Hashtag functionality! Not only can you select a tag from the list, but you can also amplify the reach of your work by adding any of the listed hashtags to the bottom of your article.

How Using Hashtags Benefits You
Wider Reach:

By including relevant hashtags, you increase the visibility of your content beyond our platform. This means more readers, more engagement, and a broader audience for your unique wisdom.

Community Connection:

Hashtags connect you with like-minded individuals both within and outside our community. Your work becomes part of larger conversations, fostering a sense of community and collaboration centered around the wisdom you bring.

Content Discoverability:

Users searching for specific topics or themes may discover your work through the hashtags you’ve included. This enhances the discoverability of your content and ensures it reaches those most interested in the wisdom you share.

Important Change: Submitting Your Piece
Unlike HeyPublisher, our new system functions a bit differently. Authors are now required to either write in or copy/paste their piece directly into the post content section of the form to submit it. Uploading files is no longer a feature, so please ensure your submission follows this updated process.

How to Maximize Your Reach
Visit our Share Wisdom Here page.
Complete the new submission form with your work, either by writing in or copy/pasting your piece.
Select the relevant tag from the Tag List.
Boost your content’s visibility by adding any of the listed hashtags at the bottom of your article.
We believe these enhancements will not only streamline the submission process but also empower you to reach a broader audience with your unique perspectives and wisdom.

Thank you for your ongoing support. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [your contact email].

We look forward to elevating your work and showcasing the incredible wisdom within our community.

Warm regards,

Christy Mann
Metaphysical Times LLC


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