Merry Meet Cat Gina Cole

Merry Meet Cat Gina Cole

In the enchanting realm where metaphysics and literature converge, we extend a warm Merry
Meet to the extraordinary Cat Gina Cole. From the tender age of 13, Cat was initiated into the
magical traditions of her family, guided by the wisdom of her mother and grandmother. This
familial foundation became the crucible from which her magical journey, as a Hedgewitch,
Wortcunning practitioner, and clairvoyant, would unfold.

Roots in Tradition

Cat’s magical lineage rooted in the Hedgewitch tradition, Wortcunning, and “The Knowing” became the fertile soil from which her metaphysical insights would blossom. A passionate herbalist, her connection to the earth’s bounty is not just a practice but a testament to the generational wisdom passed down through the ages.

Literary Alchemy and Christian Mystic Influences

Her literary education in the craft began at age 10, guided by authors like Edgar Cayce, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Lobsang Rampa, Gavin and Yvonne Frost, and The Golden Bough. A Christian Mystic influence from her mother added interfaith morals, fostering a harmonious blend of magical and progressive ideals.

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In Cat Gina Cole, we find a luminary whose journey through metaphysics and literature illuminates paths for all who dare to explore. As we celebrate her recent literary success and the surge in book sales, we witness not only an author but a dedicated individual whose impact extends far beyond the pages of her books. Merry Meet, Cat Gina Cole, and may your words continue to inspire and guide the hearts of readers around the world.

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