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Huge thanks to our affiliates! We asked them to provide us with discount codes exclusively for Metaphysical Times Subscribers and they have obliged! Feel free to use any and all of the discount codes here to save a bit on your next metaphysical outing or when you shop online! 

This page is just getting started so there might not be many codes right now, but check back often because the codes here will give you the set discount listed. We are looking at adding discount codes for anything from a % off on a purchase, product or service all the way to discounts on festival and event tickets!

The Equinox Apothecary is giving all shoppers 10% off anything at their store with the code METTIMES !

Black Cat Workshop is having a Grand Opening in Tooele, Utah! They are offering 10% off “In Store” beginning November 20th, 2023! They are located at 215 N Main Street in Tooele, UT 84074. Discount Code is Black Cat.

M.Lee Dreams Etsy– Get $5 Off a Digital Aura Ink Reading with Promo Code METATIME5 !!!

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Exciting News! Introducing a dynamic addition to your Metaphysical Times subscription – exclusive access to enlightening Webinars and Classes is coming soon! Immerse yourself in captivating content curated just for you, ranging from metaphysical insights to thrilling classes. What’s more, enjoy exclusive discounts on these transformative experiences. Explore the wealth of knowledge, deepen your understanding, and elevate your metaphysical journey with our latest subscriber benefit!

Discount Code List

The owners of shops and businesses have been asked for a special discount code exclusively for our paid subscribers and they are responding. You will find codes with different benefits from shops partnered with us as advertisers in varying amounts and extra benefits. The system is new, so check back often to see new shops both brick and mortar and online for savings and more!

Extended Interviews on Metaphysical Time Broadcast Studio

We offer our interviewees opportunities to record in person interviews with a member of our staff exclusively for our paid subscribers. These interviews can can only be accessed by email. Click the link below and enter the address you subscribed to the newspaper with to get access to this bonus content.

🎙️ Ignorance Isn’t Bliss Blogcast 🎙️

Check in weekly for the next installment of the Ignorance Isn’t Bliss Blogcast, where we dive deep into thought-provoking topics that shed light on moments of ignorance and their impact on ourselves and humanity. Explore how ignorance can both serve and hinder us, as we navigate through discussions aimed at expanding awareness and fostering growth.

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Metaphysical Times’ Full Moon Magazine

We receive a lot of content that doesn’t count as news but we believe is still of interest to our readers. We needed a space to contain and provide that content so we created a monthly ezine called the Full Moon.

It has officially become it’s own fully fledged 16 page full color magazine, in a digital format. As a paid subscriber, you are able to download a copy of each issue, right here! New issues publish and are available here throughout the month.

Full Moon March 2024
Full Moon March 2024
Size: 2.51 MB
Version: 1
Published: 03/10/2024

Metaphysical Times Newspaper Digital Issue

A digital (PDF) copy of the current issue of the newspaper is available to paid subscribers as part of your paid subscription. Be available to download here for the entire issue’s cycle (approximately 6 weeks)!

Issue 4.3 2024
Published: 03/31/2024

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